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I am a health blog that will also be tracking my own weight loss progress.

I do not have a goal weight. I want to be down to a healthy size and I do not know what weight is healthy for me. Instead, I am going to have goal sizes. Check out my goals page to see them!

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"Not too shabby! branawesome just earned 896 points on Fitocracy with “Workout”. "

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Good evening everyone!

The internet is a pain in the ass lmao.

I tried to go to the gym today but didn’t get there til 6:30 cuz I was on the webs looking at different random things!  

I did kill it at the gym tho!  Woot!

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Nobody should ever make you feel guilty for making healthy decisions and working to improve your life.

If they do, it’s because they’re insecure about their own life and are looking for validation.

Call them out on it or cut them out of your life. You don’t need that and you deserve better.

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I seriously want more body postiive/fitblr’s to follow! Please please please reblog this if you are active and i will follow you!

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Looks dangerous, yet future goal!

Looks dangerous, yet future goal!

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